Ok, Google! Check my lock.

Yale Home for Google

How do I know if my lock is compatible with Google Home?

All Yale Connect compatible digital locks can be controlled from Google Home. Electric locks have limitations, these locks can only be opened or closed from the Assistant.

Can I add Yale Home to my Routines?

Yes, you can add Yale Home to your routines such as "Leaving Home" or "Bedtime"

Can my familiy group operate my locks from Google Home?

Yes, you can give your family group permissions to manage your Yale Connect devices from Google Home. Select "Invite family members" and follow the instructions in Google Home.

Important: Access granted to your family group from the Yale Connect app only works for remote operations from Yale Connect. If you want your family group to operate from Google Home, create the invitation from that platform.

I forgot my PIN code and I cannot open my locks from the Assistant.

If you forgot your PIN code, you must unlink the Yale Home service and go through the link process again. This will guarantee greater security in the use of the service. If you want to remember how to carry out the process, follow the steps in the "Help" section.

Note: For security reasons we do not recommend using the unlock action with PIN code.

I have various homes created on Yale Connect, but I can only link one on Google Home.

Currently, just one home registered in Yale Connect can be controlled from the Assistant. Other homes with linked devices or guest homes will not be displayed.

My lock does not open/close from the Assistant.

We recommend you to check if you can make remote operations from the Yale Connect app, and if so, please contact us at the Yale Connect Support channel for assistance.

Also remember that if you want to use the unlock action, you must have the security PIN code, otherwise the Assistant will not be able to open the lock.

The Assistant does not recognize when I ask it to manage my locks.

We recommend asking the Assistant to manage your devices by the name you have assigned them, for example:

"Ok, google, open (lock name)"

"Open my device (lock name)"

Note: If you register locks in Yale Connect, after having linked the account in Google Home, remember to assign a Home to the new devices and in that way you can use them from the Assistant.