To use your door locks with Alexa you must activate the Yale Home skill.

What is Yale Home?

Yale Home is a secure skill developed by ASSA ABLOY so you can interact with the locks linked to your Yale Connect account.


What can I do with Yale Home?

With Yale Home you can interact with Alexa to close and check the status of your locks. Remember that always before giving an instruction you must invoke the Yale Home skill, for example:

• To know the status of your locks, you can say:

Alexa, tell Yale Home to see the status of my locks.

Your locks will be identified as you have named it on Yale Connect.

• To close all your locks, say:

Alexa, tell Yale Home to lock my locks.

• To check functions of the skill, say:

-Alexa, open Yale Home


For security reasons, the opening operations of locks are not enabled.


What do I need to use Yale Home?

• Have an active Yale Connect account with at least one linked Hub and one lock.

• A device connected to Amazon Alexa (Echo Dot, Amazon Echo, etc.) Amazon app available on the Play Store and Apple Store

Important: The Amazon device must be configured in Spanish (MX), Portuguese (BR) and / or English (US) language.

• Account Linking: To enable the skill you must link it to your Yale Connect account. Verify that you have previously registered that email account with Amazon. In this way, the Yale Home skill, like your other skills, will be enabled to your main account.

Follow these steps: