Pairing a Wi-Fi bullet Camera

Check the Wi-Fi Network signal

The Wi-Fi bullet camera requires a 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi network that has no restrictions or needs a proxy to go online.

Before starting the pairing process, verify that your mobile device (Smartphone or Tablet) has at least two lines of Wi-Fi signal level in the place where the Wi-Fi bullet camera will be installed.

If you do not have good reception of the Wi-Fi network signal, we recommend that you optimize your installation by relocating the modem or using a Wi-Fi modem with a longer range. Remember that you can also connect your Wi-Fi bullet camera by Ethernet.

IMPORTANT: Your mobile device must be connected by Wi-Fi to the 2.4 Ghz network in your home and it must have an Internet connection during the entire pairing process.

If this is the first time you use the application, the home screen will give you a welcome message, press the "Start" button.

If you are adding another Wi-Fi bullet camera, go to Menu / Devices / and tap on the "Add device" button, then select or add a Home to start the pairing process / Select the Wi-Fi bullet camera and the app will guide you step by step to carry out this process:


The application will ask you to enter the key of your Wi-Fi network, when confirming, scan the QR code shown in the application with the camera.

  • Make sure the camera is in a bright place and that your mobile device is 15 to 30 cm from the camera when scanning.
  • The camera must be steady, make sure it does not move while scanning the QR code.

In this way the Camera will be linked to your home Wi-Fi network.

IMPORTANT: Provide the correct key for your Wi-Fi network otherwise the device will not be able to link to it.

NOTE: WiFi bullet cameras establish outgoing connections through ports 1935 (TCP) and 8883 (TCP). In case you have difficulties when linking to the network, check with your internet provider that these ports are enabled.