What are the requirements to install the Yale Connect App?

In order to install the Yale Connect Appyou need:

- A mobile device (Tablet o Smartphone) with iOS 13 or Android 7 operating systems or later versions.

 -A Wi-Fi® 2.4 Ghz network without any restrictions and no need of a proxy to access Internet.

The Yale Connect application can be downloaded from the Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS) store.

You can see the "Installation Instructions" in the Help document.

NOTE: The Yale Connect app is only available for downloads in the USA and Latin America. Before starting, please verify that your mobile device is configured in the correct region, as well as the email registered in the Apple or Google Play stores. For further assistance, please contact us at Support.

What happens if I lose my phone?

If you lose or mislay a mobile device, we recommend you to go to Yale Connect Login and change your account password.

Then, when you start the Yale Connect application on any mobile device, you will be asked to enter ae new account login information: username and password.

What do the lights of the Yale Connect Hub mean?

The Hub has three LED lights that can indicate different states.

LED Central intermittent flashing GREEN

The Hub is correctly registered in a Yale Connect account and linked to the local Wi-Fi® network. It is working OK.

LED central flashing GREEN

The Hub is in Connect Mode: it is not linked to any Wi-Fi® network.

LED central steady RED

The Hub is connected to the Home Wi-Fi® network but it does not have access to Internet.

LED central flashing RED

The Hub lost the connection to the local Wi-Fi® network.

What happens if the Internet connection in my home is cut off?

If the local Wi-Fi network does not have an internet connection, it will not be possible to control the Yale Connect devices. They can be controlled by having a connection to the Internet again.

Yale locks and other devices will also not be able to be operated remotely from outside the home.

What happens if I change my Wi-Fi® network?

If you change the configuration of your Home Wi-Fi® network you will have to relink your Yale Connect Hub.

To complete this linking process, it will be necessary to check that the Hub is in "CONNECT MODE" and follow the linking steps through the Yale Connect app.

What happens if the light is cut off?

The Yale Connect Hub works with electric power, so it will not work if the power supply is off.

In case you are not at home, the application will show that the equipment is off/line.

When the power supply is recovered, the Hub will restart automatically. In order to recover the connection to the Wi-Fi® network and the Internet connection, the home router must also be automatically restarted.

The configuration of the Hub and the locks will not be modified.

How many locks can be linked to a Yale Connect Hub?

The Yale Connect Hub allows you to connect up to 16 compatible locks to the platform.