Yale Connect Hub.

It´s the Yale Wi-Fi gateway that lets you know if your home is secure when you are away. Yale Connect Hub allows you to connect up to 16 digital locks to your home Wi-Fi network, and manage up to 31 individual access codes with your family and friends. The Yale Connect Hub is only available in Latin America.

Control your locks locally and remotely.

For remote use, an Internet connection is required without restrictions.

  • No proxy.
  • Security level type WPA/WPA2-PSK.
  • Wi-Fi Network 2,4 GHz.

As long as your home Wi-Fi network has an Internet connection, you can pair your Hub, integrate compatible locks, manage users, check usage logs and operate your locks remotely (with your Smartphone connected to another Wi-Fi network or with Internet connection by 3G or 4G).

When the Wi-Fi network in your home loses an Internet connection, your locks can be controlled locally, with your Smartphone connected to the same network, or through their digital keyboard.


  • Power suply: 5 V 1 A.
  • Energy consumption < 1 W.
  • Wireless communication.
  • Wi-Fi 2,4GHz b/g/n.
  • IEEE 802.15.4 @ 2,4 GHz.
  • LPD 433 @ 433,92 MHz.
  • Embedded antennas.
  • Indoor use only.

Hub Yale Connect First Generation

The first version of the Hub Yale Connect. Robust and powerful, allows pairing up to 16 locks.

New Hub Yale Connect

The new slim and minimalist design of the Hub Yale Connect, with all the power of the system that allows you to pair up to 16 locks.

Yale Connect App.

Yale Connect Hub is managed with our app, available for iOS and Android for free.

App Store  Google Play

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Yale is the leading brand providing security. The Yale Connect system is available only for Latin America.