We designed them to protect your most valuable belongings: documents, money, small objects.
Share access only with the people you trust and control when and how they access using the Yale Connect app.
*Bluetooth Digital Safes available throughout Latin America.

✓ Operation through: Bluetooth, Numeric Keyboard or Key.
✓ Embebed Bluetooth module to unlock the safe from your Smartphone (10 meters away).
✓ With your Yale Connect account you can manage up to 5 additional passwords for guest users, save up to 200 operation logs (date, time and registered user) and receive alerts on low battery and vandalism.
✓ Easy to program digital keyboard.
✓ Does not require the use of Hub.
✓ They work with 4 AA batteries and 2 backup keys.
✓ Option of installation with anchorage in wall and/or floor.

How big are your most valuable objects?

Small Safe

Keep your smaller personal items safe. Length: 200 mm. Width: 310 mm. Height: 200 mm Weight 5kg.

Medium Safe

The perfect security for your personal items. Length: 250 mm. Width: 350 mm. Height: 250 mm Weight 8 kg.

Laptop Safe

Keep all your laptops safe. Length: 350 mm. Width: 430 mm. Height: 200 mm Weight 10 kg.